Scott Maples, Chief

The Stanford Fire Department meets and exceeds the requirements of the National Fire Protection Association (NFPA) and the Kentucky State Marshall. The department provides fire protection within the city limits of Stanford and also provides assistance to the surrounding departments to the best of their abilities. Every fire fighter has successfully completed the training required by the department, NFPA, the State of Kentucky, and the Insurance Service Origination (ISO). This department utilized a fleet of firefighting equipment that includes two 1500 gallon per minute pumpers, a seventy-five foot aerial unit, an air service & rescue unit, and an administrative service vehicle.

ken Scott Maples

The Stanford Fire Department is a modern fire fighting fleet, with the units being equipped with such features as rescue and extrication equipment, property protection devices, smoke removal devices, large size hoses and other modern fire fighting devices. The department provides a codes and fire inspection service that keeps the public's property in a safe condition. These services, also, keep the departments pre-arrival and attack plans current. The current ISO rating for the City of Stanford is 4. This is provided as a result of an up-to-date fire department and an adequate water system. The department is always working to provide the service and protection expected by our community.

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